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Video – Spanish Volar-e Electric Supercar burning tires with 1,000 hp and 737 lb-ft of torque

Spanish industrial firm Applus+Idiada presented their eletric supercar – the Volar-E. Amazing look and output of 1,000 horsepower plus 737 pound-feet of torque remind us only on one car – Rimac Concept One.

Not surprise as Volar-E is built on base of Rimac supercar. Actually car is almost identical, except changes to bodywork and powertrain. Still Volar-E have impressive and exciting numbers 0 to 62 mph in 3.4 seconds with top speed of 186 mph. Body is carbon fiber with tubular chromium-molybdenum chassis and carbon ceramic brakes. Fast charging 35-kWh lithium-ion is good for some showoff and track time. And that is the perfect time to enjoy Volar-E eletric supercar. Just check video below:

Spanish Applus+Idiada is supported by European Commission with goal to build electric powered cars. Connection to Rimac Automobili is not mentioned, but build time of only 4 months is another reason why it’s clear that Volar-E is based on Croatian supercar. Looks like Applus+Idiada will try to bring this concept to market faster than Rimac? Or maybe it was just another way for Rimac to share innovative technology and boost revenue by helping Spaniards. Either way we are glad to see another electric supercar burning tires. By the way – when we’ll someone come up with more environmental friendly tire compound and design?

Above: Applus+Idiada Volar-E and Rimac Concept One side by side.

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