Venturi America is another very cool electric concept present in the 2011 Detroit Motor Show. This is electric powered buggy, which use the same 300-horsepower / 220kW engine of Venturi’s sport supercar Fetish. Range is around 190 miles. There is no data about top speed, but knowing how fast are all Venturi car, America will be scary quick and can reach 0 – 60 miles per hour in around 5 seconds. In real Venturi tradition, car was painted in deep purple, featuring two black and white leather seats in great looking, no-doors buggy styling.

Venturi is famous manufacturer of fully electric plug-in cars from Monaco. We perviously had post about their electric sport car Fetish and Voltage concept. Venturi America looks like perfect vehicle for niche electric off-road market in USA. What a thrill will be to jump over some dunes in plug-in electric buggy!

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