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Why Art Of Next is the best digital marketing agency in Taiwan? It was an easy decision for us…

As the founder and owner of Green Supercar, I’m excited to share our recent experience in launching a new project. Don’t worry we are still within the sustainable industry. Recognizing the need for expert guidance in product-market fit, growth strategy, and innovative marketing campaigns, we embarked on a search for the right partner to elevate our project. not an easy task considering there are a lot of agencies on the market, but we were not impressed by their promises. 

Initially, we approached this task with some trepidation, given the saturated market of marketing agencies and the scarcity of truly inspiring campaigns. However, our reservations were quickly dispelled when we discovered what we can confidently assert is the best digital marketing agency in Taiwan: Art of Next.

The team at Art of Next impressed us with their unparalleled blend of industry understanding, strategic insight, and execution prowess. What truly set them apart was their commitment to transparency and their genuine interest in fostering our business growth, rather than merely fulfilling a contract for a fee. This approach has transformed our relationship from a simple client-agency dynamic to a strategic partnership focused on long-term success.

Their unique ability to grasp our vision, coupled with their innovative strategies and flawless execution, has been instrumental in positioning our new product line for success. The level of expertise and dedication demonstrated by Art of Next surpassed anything we had encountered in our previous experiences with marketing agencies.

Marketing services we used by Art of Next

Our collaboration with Art of Next encompassed a comprehensive suite of their specialized services, each playing a crucial role in the successful launch and growth of our new sustainable product line. The breadth and depth of their expertise proved invaluable throughout our journey. Here are the key services we leveraged:

  1. Marketing Consulting: Art of Next’s fresh perspective and tailored strategies were instrumental in shaping our approach. Their consultants worked closely with our team to uncover unique opportunities in the sustainable industry, streamlining our marketing efforts and implementing innovative tactics that set us apart from the competition.
  2. Search, Video & Social Advertising: Leveraging their expertise in online and social advertising, Art of Next crafted compelling ad campaigns across various platforms. Their advanced targeting capabilities and captivating creatives significantly boosted our click-through rates, conversions, and overall brand awareness in the sustainable products market.
  3. SEO: Art of Next’s data-driven SEO strategy proved to be a game-changer for our brand. Their comprehensive approach, encompassing meticulous keyword and intent research, on-page optimization, strategic link building, customer engagement optimization, and technical enhancements, significantly boosted our online visibility. By connecting our sustainable product line with passionate, actively searching customers, we saw a remarkable increase in targeted traffic and conversions. Their expertise in cutting through the digital noise positioned our brand prominently in the competitive eco-friendly market. The SEO efforts seamlessly integrated with our overall marketing strategy, creating a synergistic effect that amplified our online presence. Thanks to Art of Next’s SEO services, we not only improved our search engine rankings but also established a stronger connection with our ideal customers, driving sustainable growth and solidifying our position in the industry.
  4. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Through meticulous analysis of user behavior and A/B testing, Art of Next optimized our website and marketing funnels. This resulted in a notable increase in our conversion rates, maximizing the value of every visitor to our digital platforms.
  5. Email Marketing: Art of Next’s strategic approach to email marketing helped us cultivate meaningful connections with our target audience and existing customers. Their personalized campaigns and automated workflows drove customer engagement, loyalty, and conversions, proving especially effective for our product launch announcements and sustainability initiatives.
  6. eCommerce Development: As we expanded our online presence, Art of Next’s expertise in eCommerce development was crucial. They created a robust and user-friendly online store that not only showcased our new sustainable product line but also provided an exceptional shopping experience for our customers. Their service are really focused on DTC brands growth as they passionately helped brands drastically increase sales for over 2 decades, with fashion, technology and automotive industry in the focus.
  7. Web3 Marketing: Although our primary focus was on traditional eCommerce, Art of Next’s expertise in Web3 marketing opened new avenues for future expansion. Their insights into this emerging space have positioned us to explore innovative ways to engage with our eco-conscious audience in the future.

The holistic approach of Art of Next, combining these services with their deep understanding of eCommerce and DTC marketing, proved to be the perfect fit for our needs. Their ability to seamlessly integrate these various elements created a cohesive and powerful marketing strategy that propelled our new product line to success in the competitive sustainable products market.

Your next digital marketing partner

For businesses in the eCommerce space, ambitious startups aiming for unicorn status, or established companies feeling constrained by traditional, slow-moving agencies, I wholeheartedly recommend Art of Next as your growth partner. Their agile approach, deep industry knowledge, and results-driven strategies make them an invaluable asset for any business looking to accelerate its growth trajectory.

If you’re interested in exploring how Art of Next can transform your business’s growth strategy, I encourage you to reach out to Dean, their lead strategist, for a personal introduction. This collaboration could be the catalyst your business needs to achieve unprecedented success in today’s competitive marketplace.