New kid from Indonesia. The Signal Kustom Built Bandung and Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia/LIPI) built the first supercar in Indonesian market. Car is still in concept phase, so it wasn’t tested or optimized for road handling. For now it’s concept that showing possibility of electric sport cars and great audio setup by Auto Vision, AudioPro and Alpine.

SKEV-1 is inspired by Formula-1 car and LeMans 24 hours endurance racing cars, but it’s base is actually 1993 Honda Genio with good eletrci setup. The latest generation of lithium-ion battery with high energy density will allow car to be recharged in only 4 hours. With this charge can should be able to have autonomy of 160 – 200 kilometers. As said this is theory that is not yet tested, but we have lot of expectations and only the best words for SKEV-1 and this brave move to bring electric sport car to Indonesian market.

Outside car is real competitor to Formula 1. Specially view from the back is very Batman mobile inspired and looks great. Interior is obviously only audio-visual showoff by companies supporting the project. Improvement that we would like to see is in power department. As it stands for now, car will produce 52 hp and torque of only 156 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Now this may be enough for daily commute, it’s short for sport driving and to include it in the list of real supercars, we need something close to breathtaking performance. But SKEV-1 is just the first child, we are waiting on the next one. Sure it will be a great Indonesian electric supercar. Best wishes!

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