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Racing Green Endurance electric supercar – amazing project!

The Racing Green Endurance project created an amazing electric power electric supercar. Than they drove through 14 countries and 26,000 kilometres.

Since August 2009, the Racing Green Endurance (RGE) team and Radical Sportscars have been working closely to produce the stunning SRZero electric sportscar. The team will drive the 400bhp twin-motor supercar the full 26,000km length of the Pan-American Highway with the aim of communicating our core values to the widest possible audience.

In basic this, formula look-like, can achieve 200km/h and accelerate 0 – 100 in 7 seconds. Two electric engines with combined power of 56KWh and regenerative breaking. Car can fully charge in 6hours only. This is just amazing prove of electric car being ready for street and everyday life.

OK, maybe design need to change a bit for everyday life… 😉

But car is amazing. I am impressed and can’t wait to see what will come up from this project. Elon Musk and Tesla be careful!

I recommend you to visit page below and look at the images and stats

Video below explain how their battery system works. It is great little insight in electric cars and hybrid technology.

Check these great guys from Imperial College London on


3 thoughts on “Racing Green Endurance electric supercar – amazing project!”

  1. Rackiztahaudi says:

    love it

  2. Tari Ledsome says:

    I hope that more EV cars are developed and made widespread in the future. Just imagine the amount of air pollution that would be reduced if we all use these kinds of vehicles.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I am with you Tari. That’s why we started this website – to support reduce of pollution caused by car industry. And prove that we can still have cars that are fun and exciting to drive 🙂

      Let us know what you think would reduced pollution the most – changing cars or our driving habits? I try to bike around as much as possible lately. 

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