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Jag fights back in the green battle

Jaguar is full of surprises lately and won’t stop soon.  On this year Paris motor show they showcased C-X75 green supercar car. This is still a concept car, not a production ready model, but design is amazing in curent modern Ian Callum-led style.

As claimed by British CAR magazine, the new Jaguar C-X75 (‘C’ for concept, ‘X’ for experimental, ’75’ to mark the brand’s 75th anniversary) is also a technological statement.

CAR magazine continues with report:

“Take good note of these first official pictures of the C-X75. It’s markedly different from the XJ/XF set. At the rear, you’ll spot hints of the E-type, particularly in the relationship between the back window and swollen hips. But only a fool would call this Jag supercar retro; it’s a thoroughly modern aesthetic, crisp and elegant and feels right for Jaguar. The C-X75 is a two-seater supercar, but it’s biggest surprise is hidden under the bonnet.

You read that right. The C-X75 uses a pair of micro-turbines acting like a diesel-fed range-extender and Jaguar claims this solution means this concept car is even cleaner than contemporary hybrids with carbon dioxide emissions of just 28g/km.

No prizes for guessing the C-X75 is far from a production-ready concept car. This is an ideas model, one that will influence future design and tech but you won’t see it nestling in the corner of your nearest Jaguar dealer any time soon.”

Jaguar was always strong on diesel engines and with powerful leadership, I am not surprised of hybrid-diesel concept. Question is – will this make production? I bet it will soon, as otherwise Jag will be behind again, and new owner Tata can’t afford that.

What do you think?

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