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3 Top Videos for Rimac Automobili Concept One – Including EVO Magazine Review

There is only a few cars in the World… No, wait. There is only ONE car in the World that could claim these specifications: 0-100km/h in only 2.8 seconds, top speed limited to 305km/h – and all this purely on electric power. Rimac Automobili Concept_One.

This jewel of automotive industry is groundbreaking by design, performance and technology. recently we already featured story about Rimac Concept One, so this time we present to you 4 video clips. You can be closer to feeling this masterpiece and if you are around Zagreb and Croatia, come and see it too. Hopefully in some hot action!

We can’t wait to see electric supercar Rimac Concept One on our streets.  From 2014 they should start delivery of 88 models. My only question is – what will Rimac do next??

EVO magazine photo session of the Rimac Concept One – no fast driving 🙁

Rimac Concept One technology

Rimac Concept One on Croatian TV News

First road test: Rimac Concept One