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320 mph – The fastest electric car in the World – the Buckeye Bullet

320 mph - The fastest electric car in the World - the Buckeye Bullet
I am sure you thought Tesla Roadster is a fast car. But the Buckeye Bullet is a bit faster. And still fully electric. Electric supercar was built by Ohio State University’s Center for Auto Research. Tested at the Bonneville Salt Flats,  Buckeye Bullet averaged 307.7 mph miles per hour. And reached top speed of 320 mph. You remember those skeptics that said that electric car can not be fast. I am sure this the end of discussion.
“In order to get high speed, you need sleek aerodynamics so you’re not holding the car back,” said AC Propulsion’s Joshua Allan. “You need high power so it can cut through the wind.”
That’s just what Ohio State wants for the Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3, designed to exceed 400 mph when it debuts in 2012. They are not alone, as Don Wales, a descendant of British speed racer Sir Malcolm Campbell intend to rach 500 mph in his Bluebird Electric. Proud descendant of famous Bluebird car that beat the World record. He told the Global Herald he’ll try for the record in 2013. That not far and we are ready. Hit it the Buckeye Bullet. Hit it Bluebird Electric. We are waiting.

4 thoughts on “320 mph – The fastest electric car in the World – the Buckeye Bullet”

  1. Citizencanine says:

    Too bad it has to be plugged into conventional (fossil fuel, nuclear) electrical power. My ex- husband was working on just such an alternative. He developed, and was offered a patent for his version of an electric car: Moondancer. He  had not yet covered all his claims, so he declined. Then he decided to wait until he had a truly Green power source, and was working on a brilliant alternative concept ( our daughter may yet follow through with it, so I really can’t get into it here), but he passed away last year. He always said that it didn’t matter who got it to market first, as long as it got there….
    I’ll never forget the first time I drove Moondancer;  no sound at all…..just the wind blowing through my hair. 
    We led a truly interesting life…
    I wish the Buckeye Bullet people good luck, and Godspeed! 

    1. dean_l says:

      Thank you for sharing your story Citizencanine. We should be green in every sense including energy source. And I am sure we will get there. Bit slow, but we will. I am sure that in the future we’ll have not only wind or solar powering our cars – but that the same renewable energy source will be used to power factory producing these beautiful green cars. We have to start somewhere, learn, and never give up. We will power this World only on renewable, clean energy. That day WILL come. Soon… God Bless You.

  2. dpcur_p says:

    The Fastest Electric Car is now is offical in 2012 A.D too ! is 320 Miles Per Hour too!

  3. asdasdasdasdasds says:

    i doubt that its even a car.. 

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