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Amazing Wireless charging pad and re-charge road by HALO IPT

Amazing new way to charge your electric beauty – wireless pad. Should come free with every electric car purchase, just like when you buy mobile phone.

One of obvious chalennges in bringing the electric cars to wide audience is porblem of charigns. There are many soltuions, recharge stations, battery swap and similar. But this is by most the best till now. Wirelss pad from Halo IPT can be installed in floor of your garage and charge car while parked. No cables, no mess, easy to use. You don’t have even to remember to recharge, just park on it. I always have issue of being tooo busy to stop at the petrol station. this would be perfect solution. Specially as price will be only $2,000. And most likely to come down to $800 in a few years time.

Public use of this technology is even more impressive. Shopping centre garage, work-place garage, McDonald parking and even public road. Yes, Halo IPT said that technology can be used to create line that will recharge your car while driving. Technology is called dynamic in-motion charging and  could be available as early as 2020. “The technology is ready today,” Halo’s Helen Fitzhugh said to WIRED “In fact, induction charging is already used in manufacturing, car assembly and robotics to power machinery on the move, so the principle is nothing new. The difference is that we are taking the technology out of the factory and applying it to electric vehicles for the first time.”

Amazing product that easily put smile on my face. I am sure first choice for anyone who intend to drive or already drive green supercar.

Halo IPT, the next partner of Tesla Motors?