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American Li-on on sale in 2011?

With lot of bragging about being all-American, Li-on company coming with enw electric car model.  Inizio is Li-ion’s horse for the race. designed to peruse Italian roadsters, even painted in Ferrari red. In another claim by Li-on, car will beat to ground Tesla’s Roadster.  And we have to mention Roadster is not 100% American, as part are made in Europe. So, for all-Amercian lovers, here is a car! Or will there be one?

Li-on’s roadster  is classic two-seater reaching 170 mph, has a range of 250 miles, and goes zero to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. All that is bit fast and bit better than Tesla’s Roadster. The lithium ion battery-powered vehicle features an electric motor that delivers 145 kW of power.  Equipment include video monitor and DVD player, GPS system, digital surround sound system, and a dash-mounted LCD touch screen – similar as on the Roadster. Impressive.

Now, all this sound good, but we heard company may have some financial problems and it’s questionable will Inizio really be on sale in mid/late 2011. On the other side there is a lot of investments in electric car industry and we hope Inizio will appear on the streets soon. If it does – you will have to pay $139,000 for it. And please, don’t order red one….