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Audi R20 – Street Legal Le Mans Racer Will Race at 2013 Le Mans

Le Mans was always a place to showoff the latest technology and reliability of real beauties by top car manufacturers in the world. In 2010. Audi famously showed their monster Audi R8 E-tron in action. But looks like this year, we’ll skip E-tron and rather enjoy in performance of diesel hybrid Audio R20.

Audi R&D chief Wolfgang Dürheimer was telling Auto Express that diesel hybrid car is amazing presentation of power and it will be popular choice for buyers. Car will have ot be good match for Porsche 918 Spyder (that we just hear heading for China). Claim was that this supercar will feature carbon fiber construction and 700 horsepower, 737 pound-feet of torque reaching 200 miles per hour without too much sweat.

Automobile brought the name R20 to daylight. We’ll see R20 performing at it’s best – on Le Mans track. Audi R20 will be “a street-legal LeMans racer,” with vertical LED headlights, “ventilated front and rear wings,” and other styling details such as tailfin running from the cockpit to the rear end. Design moving R20 closer to rich heritage of Audi Le Mands racers. At the same time it makes perfect sense for street legal supercar. Beautiful design and very popular combination of hybrid diesel engine setup, may just prove to be a real hit for Audi.

By reports car will be powered by diesel-hybrid combination, so twin-turbo V6, with 550 hp from the engine and two 75-hp electric motors turning the front wheels. Same electric setup like E-tron, but will less electric power, that’s where diesel kicks in. Inside, buyers will be impressed by mix of old-school race heritage and new cyber technology, such as rear view cameras, contour sport seats and race inspired black cockpit. In the same report, Automobile claim that we can expect R20 at Pebble Beach in 2015 with sale dates closer to 2016, with no more than 200 cars sold.

Will this hold us while we wait for fully electric Audi E-tron to appear in showrooms? It will do for me…