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True or reality? Can electricity be the main power behind our mobility? Since kid I believed in it, by reading that the first Porsche was electric car, and finally in 2008. I started this blog to promote electric cars, sustainable mobility and enjoyment of driving. Website dedicated to driving enthusiasts who want exciting sports cars powered by electricity. There is no substitute. Green Supercar covering electric sports cars – from over 150 articles on new prototypes, production models, industry news to editorial reviews and coverage of related gear. Also we cover hybrid supercars, hydrogen cars, e-bikes and other interesting vehicles for driving enthusiasts.

Bremach T. Rex – electric super-truck – the toughest electric vehicles on the Earth is here!

Not supercar, but super-tough. Bremach produced T.Rex – amazing tough and practical utility vehicles – with full electric power!

Not sport car, but definitely shows that electric power can be applied to overall car industry. The Bremach T. Rex’s have 100 kW (134 hp) electric motor with 150 miles range. And that is under work conditions. Earth friendly earth moving! All with great since fiction look, cabin for 5 and large tray. Gas and hybrid options are available also. Electric T.Rex available for over $120,000 (EUR 84,000) and comes with 30,000 miles (48,000 km) or three years from Bremach.

I would love that our gardener show up with something like this. Bremach T. Rex made a dreams come true – by building electric super-truck!
Check more at www.bremachtrex.com

33 thoughts on “Bremach T. Rex – electric super-truck – the toughest electric vehicles on the Earth is here!”

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