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Czeers MK1 – Solar Powerboat! Green Superboat!

Czeers MK1 – Solar Speedboat. I know, it’s not supercar, but it is superboat! And I really hope these guys will start designing cars too. Look at it. It’s gorgeous. Sleek green carbon fiber body with solar cells. Orange luxury interior. Full carbon fiber cockpit.

Czeers MK1 was presented and tested recently. This prototype is capable of achieving speeds of up to 30 knots, and is fully powered by the integrated solar cells. Czeers MK1 will be ready for production soon and sold in limited numbers at undiscovered price. This would be perfect companion to your green supercar in the garage…

For that James Bond feeling and ultimate transport powered by sun, visit Czeers website.

All images are courtesy of Czeers company.