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Dream to drive – 911 GT3 hybrid

911 was always the best handing car on the streets. Maybe it was not the fastest or the prettiest, but for handing and getting fast from point A to point B there is no match. And I have to admit I adore that timeless styling. Just perfect sport car. now with a twist.

Porsche offers hybrid models. You can already get big Cayenne, soft-roader as hybrid. But if you are after sport car, you alraedy know that Cayenne is not that. It’s posh car for showoff. Good car, btu nothing like 911. And 911 is the one we should expect to drive with hybrid or electric engine. As we know electric engines have instan power that is recless good for racing. Put that in perfectly balanced body and you have rocket. That is what GT3R is. For now on racing circuts around Europe and US, but i expect it won’t be long till we see it in showrooms.

GT3 Hybrid have 480HP petrol engine at the back and two 60KW engines at the front. I am sure that Porsche engenires perfeclty balanced car again. GT3RSR Hybrid just raced in Petit Le Mans, didn’t won, but it did well. So I am sure with we’ll see some modification as they need win to promote car. I am sure there will be a big list of us who are hungry for Hybrid 911 and I don’t doubt it will be sucess for Porsche. Just get ti out there boys!

Is there another car that you will like to see in hybrid or full electric version?