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Electric DIY BMW Supercar – Croatian Mate Rimac and VST conversion created green monster

Yes, it is really green and it’s really drag racing monster! Croatian performance car enthusiast Mate Rimac decided to rebuild his 1986 BMW 3-series into real electric supercar. This plug-in monster can develop over 680 BHP!

After great success in drag racing and blowing of his BMW engine, Mate Rimac decided to build even faster car. Engineering genius fitted 300 lithium iron phosphate cells in a battery pack at the back powering DC motor build by VST to amazing 0 – 100 on 3.5 seconds. Yes, that is better than famous Tesla Roadster. As proof of this claim check video of street race, in which Mate’s BMW left Roadster in a dust. Top speed is at 174 mph or 280km/h. And on one charge car can drive for over 110 miles (180km), more than enough for Mate’s needs and drag racing fun.

Next project car for the VST conversions will develop amazing 1088 HP! Car will feature 4 proprietary build liquid-cooled AC motors, one at each wheel. Expected production date is in 2012. Mate and VST are more efficient than big car manufacturers in bringing electric sport cars on the roads. What would they do with healthy investment of few million dollars?

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Check out Mate Rimac’s and VST conversions electric BMW drag car humiliating all petrol powered cars. Is this an open invitation to start serious electric car racing championship?