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Electric Drift Car Slowly Gaining Supercar Status!

Drifting becoming greener too. That’s not a bad news for so many supercar makers that already have cars with enough torque and agility to be drift champions. Juts search our blog for Audi E-Tron, Jaguar C-X75, AMG E-Cell or Rimac Concept One. Even our old friend Tesla Roadster is capable of making a nice drift on tarmac.

But Spanish Quimera Responsible Racing and the UK’s Alex Letteriello Evelio Electric Supercars team decided to start from the scratch and make the ultimate all-electric supercar purposely built for drifting competitions. Their AEDC or All Electric Drift Car, also known as K1 Evelio, for now is good enough to reach zero to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds. Drifting range is 150 miles per charge and is expected to reach speeds of 170 mph. It’s noted that current 170kW electric powertrain is good for top speed of only 95 mph, but engineers are hard on work to bring new 250kW engine good for 170 mph.

Interesting is that super-charged Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries can be fully charged in just an hour – what is amazing – with 80 percent reached in only 20 minutes via a 30 amp socket. That mean while you chat with a friends, your car will be ready for another drift.

Cool idea from Quimera – they created design competition asking public to help with more challenging design of the All Electric Drift Car. We look forward to results and amazing new design – not that something is wrong with the current one. Amazing effort from Quimera and Evelio to reach drifting market with all electric supercar. We are all the way behind you!