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The Most Beautiful French Car is Electric Roadster? Presenting Gorgeous Pariss Electric by Damien Biro

French entry for electric sport car is beautiful sculptured – Pariss.  Car company that was started by motoring enthusiast Damien Biro, who made first sketches and with over 20 french partners. Pariss is beautiful fully electric sport roadster – and soon to be in production and ready for delivery.

There is no exact date yet, but Damien Biro worked hard to make his dream come true. The Pariss electric roadster feature tow motors, one on each axle, delivering 160kW and 400nm of torque to lightweight 800kg body. This is always secure combination for some motoring fan and electric roadster will not disappoint with 0 – 100 in just 3.9 seconds.

Expectations are that Pariss will be available in 2014 for price of around € 69,000. Two versions are possible, fully electric with 200km range and hybrid with small extender petrol engine, what should deliver up to 700km range.

Biro’s Pariss Electric certainly looks the part – as always French have beautiful taste for shape and design. Plus all numbers sounds good for us, including 3.9 seconds and e69k price. Looking forward to see you soon Pariss!

Below – check inside  on Damien Biro and The Pariss eletric roadster:

<iframe src=”//player.vimeo.com/video/62869343″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/62869343″>France 2 – MACIF – Story of a dream – English subtitles Biro Pariss electric Roadster</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/parisselectric”>pariss electric</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a>.</p>