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Electric speedster Tommykaira ZZ-EV coming to mountain roads around Japan

Tommykaira developed gorgeous little EV prototype – full electric roadster. Perfectly competent for exciting mountain reallies around Japan and some weekend adrenalin rush.

Tommykaira is famous japanese company manufacturing kit for JDM market. But in this case they gone step furter and with GLM (Green Lord Motors) introduced their first EV Prototype the ZZ-EV Sport. Japanese Tesla Roadster rival will be launched worldwide in June 2011. Tommykaira ZZ-EV is powered by DC150V Motor with Lipo batteries, enough for a 100km range and a 150Km/h maximum speed. Expect acceleration of around 5 seconds on 0 – 100.

Announced is that if ZZ-EV prove as success, GLM and Tommykaira will build new version with better performance, longer range and more convenient body styling. Personally I adore small Mazda MX5 I have chance to drive on weekends, so I would not mind replacing it with above Tommykaira ZZ-EV any day without blink. Weekend starting in one day, so if Tommykaira need test driver…