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Elon Musk leading Tesla to the unreachable top

My favourite magazine for the last 15 years, WIRED, brings another great story. About Tesla Motors and Elon Musk. We have to admire him for business leadership and visionary. This is guy who started PayPal, one of biggest internet companies, than send the first private rocket in outer space and now rebuilding the whole auto industry.  But better read the whole story in WIRED, buy it as paper, iPad or just check online – link is below.

And than please come back and let me know – do you agree Elon Musk is amazing business leader? And is there a more progressive and promising car company? I think Tesla Motors is now unreachable. can anyone get close?

Great story from Joshua Davis, extract below, for full story, please follow the link below:

“He took-over Tesla Motors, company that manufactured first ever real-World electric car – Roadster. And now he is heading for full production of electric sedan – model S. This beautiful, 7 seater sedan is marvellous is design and technology.

Musk has pulled off the first step. In 2008, Tesla released the Roadster, a two-seat sports car, and has since sold just over 1,300. By 2009, the government agreed to loan the company $465 million from an alternative vehicle fund to launch phase two: Challenge the car industry head-on by mass-producing the Tesla Model S, a stylish four-door sedan powered by more than 7,000 lithium-ion batteries.

Just one problem: Musk didn’t have a factory. Tesla was outsourcing most of the Roadster manufacturing, assembling the cars one by one in a garage behind its showroom in Menlo Park, California. (The building had once been a Chevrolet dealership.) Fabrication on a mass scale was obviously impossible there. Musk needed a legitimate facility like Nummi, but the plant had recently been valued at nearly $1 billion—way beyond what a small startup could afford.”

Full story on WIRED