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True or reality? Can electricity be the main power behind our mobility? Since kid I believed in it, by reading that the first Porsche was electric car, and finally in 2008. I started this blog to promote electric cars, sustainable mobility and enjoyment of driving. Website dedicated to driving enthusiasts who want exciting sports cars powered by electricity. There is no substitute. Green Supercar covering electric sports cars – from over 150 articles on new prototypes, production models, industry news to editorial reviews and coverage of related gear. Also we cover hybrid supercars, hydrogen cars, e-bikes and other interesting vehicles for driving enthusiasts.

From 0 to 60mph in 4 seconds – inside Tango, commuter-wise electric sport car

OK, so you got bored of your Porsche and looking for a new commuter car? Here is a perfect solution – the World fastest commuter electric car – Tango by Digi-Key! This baby goes from 0 – 60 miles in less than 4 seconds!

Don’t let this look fool you – Tango is proper sport car that car corner as Porsche, overtake Ferrari and cost less to drive then Prius. That’s is what we call sport car diversity! How is this possible? Well due to smart design, with low placed batteries and perfect weight distribution car is very aggressive. FIA approved roll cage will provide safety, as well as 4-point pilot style harness. Should we add Carrera shock, Momo wheel and more. All this in two seater that can reach 135 mph. And while all Ferrari’s and Porsche’s are stuck in the afternoon traffic you can duck between lines and make your way to work in half time. And car have amazing credibility, being proudly owned by George Clooney and other celebrities.

Marvelous, just extraordinarily fun and nature-loving vehicles. How to get one – head to Tango’s official website for more info.