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Gorgeous Jaguar C-X75 hybrid sport car will be on sale in 2013 for the price of only…

And you won again Jaguar! Jaguar and Williams will bring to life gorgeous concept – hybrid supercar Jaguar C-X75 is going into production. C-X75 hybrid sport car will be on sale in 2013 for price of over 700,000 pounds or over US$1.1 million. Pricey? Let me remind you what you’ll get…

Gorgeous Jaguar C-X75 can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles in less than 3 seconds and easily let you cruise up to 200 mph. This all packed in beautiful sculptured sport car body with aerodynamic marriage of 60’s supercars and modern road warriors. All this without any feeling of guilty as your carbon footprint will be less than neighbor’s chunky Toyota Prius. Not enough?

In the word of Jaguar’s brand director Adrian Hallmark “People expect Jaguar to be innovators. That is when Jaguar is at its best. The Jaguar C-X75 received an incredible reception as a concept car. We’ve been building on that momentum and there is a clear business case for this exclusive halo model. No other vehicle will better signify Jaguar’s renewed confidence and excellence in technological innovation than this.”

Ian Callum, design director responsible for reborn of the brand stated: “We were always determined that the Jaguar C-X75 would be as striking on the road as it was in concept form. This will be the finest looking and most innovative Jaguar ever produced. Even in the world of supercars, we can still produce the most beautiful.”

And yes, Jaguar C-X75 will go into fight with some hard competitiors, such as Porsche 918, Mercedes AMG SLS E-Cell, Audi e-Tron and similar hybrid and electric sport cars. But Jaguar intend to win with help of Williams F1 team that will put their skills into with aerodynamics, carbon-composite and hybrid drivetrain technology. There is no lot more details, but Jaguar C-X75 will be powered by gasoline turbo-charged engine and two electric motors powering all wheel drive system. Electric range of around 31 miles. And sexy look to freeze you in the moment. Production will be limited to only 250 cars, so you better call your Jaguar dealer today. And don’t forget to let them know we sent you 😉

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Below: Jaguar and Williams F1 to build hybrid supercar together – video with interviews and comments about Jaguar C-X75 getting into production stage.

Moment of truth – Jaguar C-X75 revealed at Paris Auto Salon 2010.

Main photo: Jaguar