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Green Godzilla on the horizon… or not? Nissan GTR Hybrid rumours.

Rumour has it. Will Nissan join the race and kick in with hybrid GTR? GTR is unbeatable value sport car, with low price, amazing grip and speed. Feared by many. Now, will we see GTR Hybrid, what would possible be the best value green supercars in the World?

Accordingly to Car Advice and Japan’s Best Car Magazine new model would be powered by a 328kW petrol engine and a 119kW electric motor, combining for a total max output of 447kW (or a nice round 600hp). Hybrid drive-train can improve handing as battery can be placed low and therefore lower centre of gravity.

Despite the absolute commitment of Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn to electric vehicles as the future of his company, March’s Geneva Motor Show played host to the Infiniti Essence – a 441kW 3.7-litre twin-turbo V6 hybrid. Car will be sold in Japan. And as we know Infiniti is Nissan’s premium brand. Now if we add to that statement by Nissan’s Chief Vehicle Engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno that GTR can go hybrid in the future. And if you add classical corporate statement on denial by Nissan’s vice-president of product development, Andy Palmer, who denied that Nissan could build ‘electric supercar’. “Do we have a plan to produce a Tesla? No we don’t. The closest we have is the Infiniti Essence but we don’t have a plan to do it.” Palmer said in second half of 2010. What you get? Clean ground that they cook something spicy. When we’ll know? Once this monster start eating track in Nurburgring. Than we’ll know it.

My opinion? We’ll have hybrid Nissan GTR by 2012. And possibly another Nissan electric supercar, the best from GTR and Essence with plug-in system by 2015. Would you like to bet? 🙂

Above: Gorgeous Nissan GTR Hybrid. Below: Infiniti Essence, hyrbid version.