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Green, literally green Ferrari 599 hybrid

Yes, it’s green. I mean green colour is evident. Environment friendly creditability is less evident. But it IS the first hybrid Ferrari. We welcome that point.

OK, let’s start with numbers. Ferrari’s HY-KERS hybrid sport car is based on the 599 GTB Fioriano. It features a V-12 engine matched with an electric motor boosting power for an additional 100hp. It is classical hybrid, break assisted system,such as in Prius – whenever the car brakes, regenerative braking sends energy to a prismatic-cell battery pack, and the engine turns off. Energy can then be used to extend the vehicle’s range or provide a 100hp assist while driving. Full-electric mode available for a short trips around a town. The hybrid system added 220 pounds of weight, and Ferrari used it to lower center of gravity and give vehicle improved handling.

Thanks to hybrid system, fuel consumption in city conditions is reduced by almost 50%. Now it’s 14mpg… It was 9mpg. Well, that’s where green paintwork kicks in… Car is still green!

Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo has stated “We want to build a hybrid with huge power and huge performance. Within three to four years, every Ferrari in our lineup will offer some version of hybrid operation.

We are looking forward to that. Having a hybrid or plug-in Ferrari would be great. And I am sure eco-aware celebrities-like would be keen to jump on the waiting list. But next time… Make paintwork red. We are fine with red Ferraris 🙂

What would you choose – hybrid Ferrarri or Porsche?