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Gumpert and Apollo the monstrous

Personally I don’t like Top Gear. Too much mocking around and not enough facts. I am gear head and therefore enjoy facts. Those guys from Top Gear learned lesson in 2008. They drove gumpert Apollo. And it was the fastest car their Stig ever drove on the track. Top of the list.

Same car made me start this blog in 2008. First I was so amazed by stance and race pedigree of Apollo. Than I realized they have hybrid version too and they will take it on famous  24 Hours Nürburgring race. I said F*ck! I have to write blog about it. And come up with this one. OK, down to facts.

Apollo is in production from 2008. Each car is customized for driver, as there is no electric seats with memory and similar unimportant details. Still interior is beautifully build and car is hand-build to highest quality standards. Check images below.

This hybrid beasuty can deliver up to 519 PS (382 kW; 512 hp), powered with a 3.3 litre V8 twin-turbo engine coupled with a 100 kW (136 PS; 134 hp) electric motor. same as Pruis (hehehe), Apollo has the ability to recharge the battery under braking and extend time on track without re-fueling. Great way to show off that hybrid cars have their place on the race tracks.

Roland Gumpert, founder of the company, was Head of Audi sport division. With his vast experience, intention was to develop street legal super car with amazing aerodynamic. By their claim Apollo can be driven upside down in a tunnel.  And to step further they have been the first to bring hybrid car to race track.

Apollo was the first. Other followed. And never reached him.
With the big anticipation we are waiting for Apollo 2.0…

Enjoy. ..

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Official website http://www.gumpert.de