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Hybrid Camry – Not a Supercar, But Great Companion For a Weekend Away

There is only one way to be more fuel efficent – but luckly I didn’t had to perform this for a real. Specially after all the good food and (some) wine.

Recently I decided to visit wine region in South Australia wit my girlfriend. Enjoy some gourmet feasts and a glood drop. Car to accompany us on thsi trip is Toyota Hybrid Camry. What would be better than guilt-free giliding on a this relaxing trip. Ok, downside is that I couldn’t drink and drive – so my wine tastings had to be scheduled for the evening. Hybrid car with auto-pilot? Well that’s an idea.

Hybrid Camry was a good company. I had to admit that after driving 4x4s and sport cars it was bit unusaul sitting in totally silent car and more than once I had unpleasent feeling that car stopped. Wehn, well, actually it was just preserving energy by turning off eninge. Common feature on the most fuel-saving cars today. And this was the only negative experice for me, as I felt that car was bit slow to jump back into traffic on the green light. But again, this come from my bit sport and agressive type of driving, so should not cause issue for most fo the drivers.

Motorway crusing was a pleasure. Car sit nicely on the road, there is no big body roll on overtaking and power was there when needed. Hybrid Camry is bigger size sedan and therefor it’s easy drive for a long trip on interstate motorways.

Once we hit to wine region – the real Hybrid Camry comes to his full shine. Gliding around in traffic-light free environemt is a pure pleasure. Car was wonderufl is slow and balet like movements with using a minimal energy to push us uphill. Than we would silently gilde through tree lined roads. Fuel efficiency in this type of dirving is amazing. I won’t claim my numbers as someone may sue me for trying to make Hybrid Camry too efficent – but seriously my fuled gage hardly moved for the whole day of curising though wine country.

Conclusion. Toyta Hybrid Camry is perfeclty suitable for drivers who are not agressive and prefer stylish, big car with amazing fuel efficency. Matched with a drop of good Australian wine, cheese and olives it’s even better. Next time I organise relaxed weekend and need to hire car – it will be Hybrid Camry again with Hertz. Perfect match for the quilt-free wine tasting weekend.