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It’s alive! BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics.

No scissor doors? C’mon. BMW revealed photos of real life testing BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics car. As mentioned before this plug-in hybrid will be on sale in 2013. It will silently sneak behind you in the dark street. I hope they’ll add some artificial engine sound. And not paint it black, as it will be scary invisible to pedestrian.

Anyway, here are some official images and few more numbers. Car still look cool, but bit of disappointment of no scissor doors and too strong resemblance on M6 coupe. Back is identical. Still, it a stunning looking car. Rumours said that BMW will have to ditch out few design trick to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency.

Few additional numbers.
Electric motors on the front and rear axles will run for 50km on pure electricity, while a three-cylinder turbo-diesel acts a backup to stretch the range to 700km. Total power is rated at 328hp, 0-100kph timed at 4.8sec, economy measured at 26.6kpl and CO2 emissions weighed at 99g/km (got ya Prius!). Drag coefficient very good at 0.22.

No scissor doors? C’mon BMW. You can do it. We WILL pay for it. Or maybe I should make this as an option and sell it from my own website. And become rich… hmmm

Enjoy some magic from BMW. And let me kn0w – would  you buy it even without scissor doors? Or is it only me 🙂