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Kids, 155 mph electric superbus is here! Dutch made electric superbus to rock Dubai’s roads!

From 2006. till today Wubbo Ockels built his dream car. More precisely bus. Electric superbus that could reach 155mph!

And no more dream, electric superbus is reality. Ockels reached to starts before, as he was the first Netherlands’ astronaut. But 5 years and $18M long journey took to create 50 feet long and just above 5ft toll superbus for 23 passengers. Lightweight construction of carbon fiber and fiberglass, aerodynamic shape and 300 kW electric motors fed by lithium-ion batteries are teamed to reach scary 155 mph speed.

As Netherland Government may not be able to support project, Dubai sound like a perfect opportunity. Wide clear roads and speed seeking enthusiasts are nominal part of Dubai’s auto market. All the best to superbus Project – and we can conclude again – electric supercars are reality. This time in even more challenging form – as the first electric superbus.