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Lightning GT will light-up UK streets in 2012

I fell in love with this car years ago, when they had it only on the paper. Now it’s ready and Lighting GT will hit streets in 2012. And I am still in love with this car.

Lines that reassembles classic sport cars of 60tis and 70tis. Bold design. Split roof. Looks amazing in silver. And very impressive numbers. 0-100 in only 4 seconds. 130 miles per hour top speed. And 250 miles range. Most impressive fact is that takes only 10 minutes to recharge. That mean you can stop for a coffee break and have your car fully charged. Another impressive number is price – £180,000. But considering that you’ll drive ecological concious James-Bond style car – it’s not bad at all. What more it is a masterpiece. And only 250 pieces will be sold to luck buyers in 2010.

I think the most gorgeous look on this car is from the back. Great curves.