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True or reality? Can electricity be the main power behind our mobility? Since kid I believed in it, by reading that the first Porsche was electric car, and finally in 2008. I started this blog to promote electric cars, sustainable mobility and enjoyment of driving. Website dedicated to driving enthusiasts who want exciting sports cars powered by electricity. There is no substitute. Green Supercar covering electric sports cars – from over 150 articles on new prototypes, production models, industry news to editorial reviews and coverage of related gear. Also we cover hybrid supercars, hydrogen cars, e-bikes and other interesting vehicles for driving enthusiasts.

Marussia B1 – Futuristic Russian Hybrid Supercar

Here is real refreshment from the East. The Marussia B1. Hybrid supercar powered by V6 and electric engine and capable of reaching 0-100 in 4.5 seconds with top speed of 260km/h. So yes this is real sport supercar.

Design details. Car is comparable with any Ferrari or McLaren. Also featuring some very tech geeky stuff, as 4 cameras to observer car surrounding and display all on big LCD screen, including even 3D view of the car itself. There is also a GPS system that also support Russian positioning system GLONASS. You will never be lost in Siberia again. Plus – you will drive out in a big style.

Car is developed and supported by famous Russian car enthusiast, Nikolai Fomenko. Leader of Russian Top Gear Show and well known race car driver. According to Mr. Nikolai car will cost around 100,000 Euros, making it very competitive on the market. Marrusia B1 is presented to journalists in August 2010 and we currently expecting series of test drives and judgments. Main question is – does it drive like a supercar? Handing and excitement. We are waiting, with big hopes.

Zdravstvuj Marrusja!