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McLaren’s lightweight MP4-12C. Is it green?

Green? Really? McLaren claim how they new cool version of MP4-12c will produce less CO2 per horsepower than hybrid. It’s easy to say that for a car that have 593bhp.  This monster accelerate from 0-100 in under 3 seconds. Unfortunately there is no hybrid technology in this version, but McLaren worked hard on saving weight. Superlight chassis features a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum. The engineers’ work on weight reduction led them to eliminate grams wherever they could, leading to a dry body weight of only 2,866 pounds. Another step was to replaced the traditional battery with a lighter lithium-ion one. McLaren will also build lightweight aluminum 3.8-liter engine for market outside US. Production is planned for 1,000 units for sale in US. Price tag likely to reach $250,000.

I hope in the next version we’ll see plug-in hybrid. Is this really green? Do you think some manufacturers taking green as number game and not really strong step toward green technology. Look at full-electric wind-powered British Nemesis. C’mon you can do better McLaren. We KNOW you can.

Nonetheless. Gorgeous car.