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Nissan Esflow – Plug in Electric Sport Car – The New Soul of Japanese Z sport cars

Next month’s Geneva Motor Show 2011 will be exciting place to be. Specially as Nissan spice it up with all electric sport car – the new Esflow.

Nissan Esflow is pure road samurai in real nature of famous Z sport cars. But platform is all new, build purposely for 2 seater plug in electric sport car. This allowed Nissan engineers to rearrange electric engines and batteries in low position, achieving great weight distribution and road handling.

Full technical details are still not revealed, but we know that Nissan Esflow will catch 0 -100 in less than 5 seconds. Challenging Porsche or Corvette, but in full silent electric mode. Range is extended to 150 miles, more than enough for everyday commute and some occasional trips to curvy mountain roads.

On the other side, they used components from electric Nissan Leaf and other cars in production to cut time on bringing this beauty to streets around us. Again lower price in this process, so Nissan Esflow will cost less than Tesla Roadster and other electric supercars. Due to high-end technology car will still be in high $60,000 price range.

Enjoy in the full grace of Japanese sport car – electric Nissan Esflow exclusive video and images are below.