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Pagani Move Away: 700 bhp All Electric Grand Tourer Quimera is Here!

Recently we wrote about All Electric Drift Car K1 by Quimera, so let us remind you of another amazing projects by Spanish Kings of Electric Racing.

AEGT or All Electric Grand Tourer is prototype shown at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show for the first time. 3 UQM electric motors are good to produce 700 bhp rocket AEGT to 300 km/h. Of course superior design by Quimera made this performance possible, even that lightweight carbon fiber monocoque chassis had to drag 600 kg of lithium-polymer EIG batteries. So next step is reducing batteries weight and looking at dust behind this masterpiece. So we are calling all manufacturers of the lightweight car batteries to step forward…

Enjoy in below photos. I love this classic supercar design.