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PG Elektrus – Lotus Elise shell plus some amazing German engineering. Can’t go wrong?

Lotus made some of the most exciting sport cars ever, so no surprise their Elise is used as a base for a few new electric car adventures. This time we present German built, PG Elektrus. Mean looking electric sport car with German engineering.

PG Elektrus is fully electric sport car that will be able to reach 0-100 kmh in under 3 seconds, will top speed of 250kmh. Battery pack is claimed to be recharged in only 20 minutes and be capable of range up to 350 km. of course depends how hard you push it.

PG Elektrus is sports car made is with simple philosophy, take proven amazingly handling shell from Lotus Elise and add electric motor and battery pack. Combination of motor and battery used is capable of producing 272 hp and 350 Nm of push. With only 900 kg weight, it’s no wonder this is amazing performing electric supercar. just what we like here at Green Supercar.

PG is German motorbike manufakturer based in Regensburg. PG Elektrus will be built in Düsseldorf factory, and 667 cars are expected to come up from the manufacturing track, costing around 280-290,000 euros. But higher than competitors such as Tesla Roadster 2.0. I guess prospective buyers will have to get a test drive. It’s not about money, it’s about a thrill.. electric thrill.

Do you love design modifications PG done to Lotus Elise to make it PG Elektrus? Let us know in comment below.