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Porsche 918 Spyder Heading to China! New details about Porsche Hybrid Supercar revealed.

Amazing Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid will be sold in China! As we found from reliable sources in China, Porsche has applied for patent in Chinese market. Considering that this is the biggest car market in the world with some amazing rides you can see in the streets – this is no surprise. Can we guess that 88 units will be delivered to Chinese market in the first year.

Images showing patent submitted by Porsche. Supercar looks alsmost indentical to previous officially shown Martini styled 918, our main photo. Some new details can be seen, such as door handles, wing mirrors, turn indicator and seat belts. Also tweaked front bumper and redesigned air intakes. Car still looks amazing, performance will be the same breathtaking and legs-shaking and price we circle around $1M. Read aour previous articles for more techincal details about 918 Spyder such as V8 and 2 electric engines power, check our archive. Let’s hope that on sale date won’t be delayed and we’ll enjoying driving this beauty soon. Of course there will be some competition in Rimac Concept_one, check our homepage for details. And don’t miss to watch our Porsche 918 Spyder videos. This hybrid supercar will be the hottest car to own in China.

Images from Car News China, extremely cool and fun read about street cars and car industry in the world biggest market.