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Porsche Boxster E – Porsche breeding cool electric sport car based on Boxster S

Big news leaked out this week about Porsche testing few full electric Boxster version. Porsche Boxster E will be plug in electric car with matching performance of Boxster S, but without sip of fuel.

According to sources car will develop equal to 180kW, all from 2 electric engines running the rear wheels. Knowing how rapid is accelartion of electric engines, this will be match to Boxster S at least. Expected is around 5.3 seconds for 0 -100. The prototype has a 29-kW battery pack providing about 100 miles per charge. As heavy batteries will be low positioned inside body, better road holding can be expected too.

Porsche Boxter is already amazing value sport roadster, but in new Boxster E version it will appeal even more to busy city professionals who want to prove their environment care too. This is just another step for Porsche after revealing gorgeous Porsche 918 Spyder recently.