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Porsche Panamera Plug-in Hybrid on the way too

Maybe Porsche is only my weak spot, so please let me include Panamera Hybrid in out list of production supercars. or at least let’s say sport-cars.

Porsche just announced that hybrid version of their only four door, four seat sedan will be available on sale in 2011. Same as Cayenne, it will feature 3L v6 TSI engine with 333 BHP and 37Kw electric engine.  According to Porsche CEO Matthias Muller, Porsche Panamera might come in the near future with a plug-in system for recharging the lithium-ion batteries of the hybrid version. Muller said that he even drove this plug-in Panamera and that he was very impressed.

It is wonderful looking car (specially interior), and it is damn fast. Introducing hybrid AND plug-in version is great example implementation of the green technology in motoring today. Green supercars are reality. This may be just green sport sedan, but it will open door for Spyder 918 Hybrid. The real deal.

By the way, if you have $73,000 and want Panamera in your garage – your Christmas Wish may just come true. We heard that new entry level Panamera will have exactly this price tag. Contact your Porsche dealer today! Merry Christmas!