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True or reality? Can electricity be the main power behind our mobility? Since kid I believed in it, by reading that the first Porsche was electric car, and finally in 2008. I started this blog to promote electric cars, sustainable mobility and enjoyment of driving. Website dedicated to driving enthusiasts who want exciting sports cars powered by electricity. There is no substitute. Green Supercar covering electric sports cars – from over 150 articles on new prototypes, production models, industry news to editorial reviews and coverage of related gear. Also we cover hybrid supercars, hydrogen cars, e-bikes and other interesting vehicles for driving enthusiasts.

Radical concept – Capstone Turbine CMT-380 Hybrid Supercar

Capstone Turbine CMT-380 Hybrid Concept is high-performance, hybrid supercar powered by lithium-polymer batteries and an ultra-low emission, range-extending microturbine engine. All packed in stunning black sport car body.

This amazing technology mix will allow CMT-380 to run 100% on electricity with reaching 0 – 100 in 3.9 seconds, 150mph top speed. Range is around 500 miles on a single tank, with 80 miles in full electric mode. The CMT-380 features an ultra-clean and quiet jet engine under the hood of the borrowed Factory Five Racing GTM body. Capstone Turbine are leader in turbine manufacturing, including turbines in NYC hybrid buses for the example.

Car is gorgeous looking match to any Ferrari – in performance and looks. We hope this concept will make way to production lines. For sure this is another proof that supercars can be powered by innovative, eco-friendly technology. Just drop that v12…

18 thoughts on “Radical concept – Capstone Turbine CMT-380 Hybrid Supercar”

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