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Scorpion ready to bite electric supercars

Ronn Motors Company have an amazing horse for a green supercar race. Actually it’s not a horse, it’s Scorpion. for for deifreence on the msot car I wrote about lately, it is not electrci car. Scorpion is powered by hydrogen based engine.

let’s get to nutty-gritty details. This amazing looking sexy car can achieve 40-mpg with power of 450-horsepower Scorpion. Roadster body is extremely wide and low and it will top 200 mph. The chrome-moly chassis and carbon-fiber body surrounds a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 in a car that weighs just 2,200 pounds. The engine was sourced from Acura (Honda’s US company) — it’s the same mill found in the TL Type S, albeit turbocharged — and mated to a six-speed gearbox.

Hydrogen is used in and promoted in car industry for years, but Ronn Motor Scorpion have significant dereference because it uses what the company calls real-time hydrogen delivery as part of an original factory design. And unlike BMW’s Hydrogen 7, Scorpion does not keep any 30-gallon tanks full of liquid hydrogen lying around at 253 °C (423.4 °F). Great point for safety and sporty construction of the vehicle.

“Our system does not require any pressurized hydrogen storage. It’s completely safe and uses water from your garden hose to create hydrogen on demand. We are simply increasing the efficiency of what’s already there”, says company COO Damon Kuhn. “Even better, the infrastructure to support this technology is here right now, not 10 years from now.”

Price tag is $150,000, and for another $100,00 you can get a tweaked version with another 150 horsepower. As always pointed out – styling and price tag will attract celebrities and create name for Ronn Motor’s Scorpion.

Scorpion was shown to SEMA, in media, endorsed by Governor Schwarzenegger, first orders are taken in January 2010… Now we expect news on continuous production. It is great to see new technology in race to create super-efficent sport car.

Do you think hydrogen technology is real competitor to hybrid motors?