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Small and sporty jewel in the uprising hybrid World – Lotus Elite Hybrid

I have to admit that Lotus just rock my World lately. Since they started with hybrid concept – cars just look amazing and you know they will handle like dream. Well, it is Lotus at the end.

New model presented as a hybrid concept is – Lotus Elite. Hybrid sport car of incorporating some of the very latest technological innovations from Lotus. The slick retractable hard top and use of hybrid technology with KERS are typical examples of Lotus tailoring technology to deliver perfect performance, superb taste in design and ultimate style.

But styling and price car will be tailored to city professional, hungry for cool ride that can give a thrill on weekend trip to nearby mountains. With hybrid power car can also achieve good fuel milage if used for daily commute around the city. Perfect mix, we would say. Production? Well, let’s not forget that Telstra Roadster is based on Lotus Elise. Therefore production may not be far away…