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Stunning beauty from the Lotus corner – Evora 414E Hybrid

Man, I seen some beautiful cars in my life, but this. Style, colours, attitude. This is just stunning looking car. And when you see 414E on the traffic lights, you won’t be able to admire it for a long, as it will leave you in a dust…

To start with numbers, this beast doing 0-60 mph/97 kph in under 4 seconds. All covers range of over 300 miles/483 kilometres. around 35 miles on electric power alone. Two drive modes are available – Eco mode or Sports mode featuring realistic 7 speed paddle shift with energy recuperation HALOsonic Internal and External Electronic Sound Synthesis. To explain this in the words of Lotus press release “HALOsonic technology, the Evora 414E Hybrid also showcases a brand new technology from Lotus Engineering, a sports mode that simulates a 7 speed, paddle shift transmission that combines exceptional driver involvement for a hybrid sports car and optimised energy recuperation.”

The Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid, so-named because car produces 414 PS (306 kW) of power, promises breathtaking performance from a highly efficient propulsion system. Special 1.2 litre 3 cylinder engine is developed specially for hybrid system. Electric power comes from twin motors each limited to providing 152 kW (207 PS/204 hp) of power and 400 Nm (295 lbft) of torque to each wheel via independently. The drivetrain is designed to combine astonishing performance with efficient, low emissions driving.

Car design is not just a visually stunning, it’s feature torque vectoring design for improved dynamic stability, integrated glass roof and engine cover as few extras. Another part that helps improved dynamic is lithium polymer battery pack mounted in the centre of the vehicle for stability and safety.

Stunning concept and for now there is no information about possible production. But knowing that Porsche and other sport car manufacturers had deeply stepped into hybrid and electric car production, I think will soon hear news about Evora 414E Hybrid going on sale. And damn, I will be happy that day. And gladly stand in the line for one.