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Tesla enthusiast revealed BBC’s stunt regards electric cars – Tesla Roadster made from London to Edinburgh in one day!

Some people just can’t except the truth about electric cars. Some companies too. So BBC’s technology correspondent Brian Milligan tried to present electric cars as a useless concept. He drove Mini E halfway on a 484-mile (779 km) trip from London to Edinburgh. Showing off how poor Mini E had to be recharged few times and therefore keep him on the road for a 4 days.

Watching this, Tesla enthusiast David Peilow knew Mini E was not a good choice. And he is a man of action. He brought a Tesla Roadster 2.5 and headed from London to Edinburgh in Scotland. After wonderful drive in the rain, with headlights on, David made to Edinburgh in 1 day!

Maybe Mr. Miligan and BBC should rethink their choice of electric car for their stunt? Oh, well it is a stunt only. Poor showoff. Maybe they had a bit of concern for falling stocks in BP? On BBC blog Brian tried to argue with sad excuses, such as – Tesla didn’t finalized application for British Government subsidy. So? Still it can make pleasurable trip from London to scotland in one day only. That was the point, right?

Anyway, this event was covered by number of media houses and Tesla come out as a clear winner. I recommend them to refund money to David Peilow. Or at least make sculpture of him in the front of Tesla’s Headquarters.

And for Mr. Milligan? Next time we hope you’ll make better choice and drive something more appropriate. I am sure it will be more fun and pleasurable to drive too.

Photo: our hero David Peilow drove Tesla Roadster 2.5 with his wonderful girlfriend, from London to Edinburgh in only one day.