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Tesla Model S – The New Meaning of The Supercar

Should we call Telsa Model S supercar? For sure it does not fit the bill. Supercars should be fast, sporty cars, with extravagant look and usually with space for only 2 adults and almost no luggage at all. But Model S is much more than that! Maybe we should redefine what supercar is?

Let’s look again at that definition of supercar. Tesla’s Model S can reach 0 – 60 mph in only 4.2 seconds. That IS worth of the sport car and supercar title. Doesn’t loook like one, but speed is there. Exciting driving dynamics are there too – with low center of gravity and excellent handling body, this vehicle will take you to exciting ride over the curves and straights. So speed and acceleration is there.

Now let’s look at the body. Yes, its more reminds on luxury family sedan. But is this bad for supercar? That you can fit 5 people in, and even 2 kids at the last row. Or you can finally go on a trip with all the luggage you actually want to take. Golf clubs, tennis equipment or anything else you would like to take. I always remember how my tennis bag hardly fit into mx5 boot. Model S have more space what can mean – more fun for you. And you can still enjoy sporty, fast and thrilling drive. We should also mentioned that Model S just received the highest safety ratings possible. Another great achievement for Tesla.

Now we got the the best point. It’s electric. Plug-in electric beauty. Green. Manage to get your power from renewable energy, such as solar and you are as green as you can be. Charging on some of Elon Musk supercharger stations and you have very efficient electric car that will won’t harm environment. It’s pure. Leaving you just to enjoy the drive. Without need to leave small fortune on gas pump when driving classical big engine sport car. Save, your money and our planet. Your too.

So what is supercar? Is you give me fast car (4.2 seconds man!), with space for 5+2, with great handling, that can be recharge on the Sun power and looks gorgeous sexy – well, I’ll call it a supercar.

Did I mentioned that you can drive one for only $579 per month?
Check more details at Tesla website.

No, I am not paid to promote Model S, but I think we should serious rethink our definitions. If they are 100 years old, maybe it’s time… If you are not sure – check video below 🙂

UPDATE: 2013 Tesla Model S earned 5 starts in NHTSA Frontal Impact (NHTSA Five Star Car). Technically, Model S scored 5.4 stars, which is the new record, but NHTSA said that 5 star is the official highest that could be published for any car. I guess they need to add 6 start ratings for upcoming Tesla Model X 😉