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Tesla Motors suing Top Gear show for ‘faking’ race with Tesla Roadster involved

Tesla Motors taking to court BBC’s Top Gear show for faking a scene showing Tesla Roadster car running out of electricity and slowing to down to stop race against Lotus Elise. According to Tesla car never run out of electricity and got down to 20% of charge only.

Earlier in the show, head of Top Gear, Clarkson tried to pull this out with claim: “I cannot believe this – that’s biblically quick. This car is electric, literally. The top speed may only be 125mph but there’s so much torque it does 0-60 in 3.9 seconds. Not bad from a motor the size of a watermelon and which has only one moving part.”

But Tesla standings are strong and BBC will have to defend in court. I believe in Tesla’s claim, Top Gear faked many things before – at the end of the day – it is a TV show made for amusement only. but if you want REAL fun – turn off TV, get out and grab the steering wheels of the real Roadster. And drive till battery run out. Fully…

(p.s. maim image is for illustration only, not from the mentioned show)