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Tesla Roadster coming back in 2014 – Tesla Roadster 3 Comeback!

The gorgeous and glorious Tesla Roadster is out of production, as we mentioned before in article about Tesla stopping production. But don’t worry – Roadster will be back in 2014! We expect a few surprises such as improved handling, new dashboard design and facelift.

Tesla Roadster model use Lotus body as a base for this electric sportcar car.  The partnership with Lotus set to production of 2,500 cars, which is no reached. Yes, 2,500 happy owners zoom around in silence of their electric Roadster.

As Tesla is now busy with producing Model S and Model X, new sportcar will be based on technology from these two electric cars. Of course Tesla will have to pull all their engineering power in work this time, as we expect that car will handle the curves even better than Lotus version. Great car, great fun and we are anxiously waiting on 2014. Tesla Roadster 3.0