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The Protoscar Lampo3 – big numbers and funky targa body for Swiss made electric sport car

New prototype is on the streets – to dust off petrol rivals – Swiss-made electric supercar – the Protoscar Lampo3.

Protoscar Lampo3 is true sport car with amazing in stats. First there are 3 electric motors producing 420kW of power and 900Nm of torque – good enough for electric supercar acceleration of 0 -100 in 4.5 seconds. Range is healty 200km and fast charing method allow battery to last for another 100km (if charge was between 20-80%). All this give Protoscar Lampo3 real life application packed with excitment of road-ripping speed and road-holding AWD system. Top speed won’t disapoint neither 200km/h.

The Protoscar Lampo3 was is another plus for everyday situation, like dropping kids to school and buying groceries. Body style is targa, what unmistakably taking me to point of design that is bit strange. Somewhere between old school favourites – Nissan Z 260 and Citroen DS. I am big fan of both, but not so sure about this one. Elegance is not strongest point and I think they should update panels and create more contemporary look, closer to Z 370 or Fiskar Karma. Do you agree or do you think it’s refreshing to have 80’s style targa sport car reborn as electric?

Protoscar is Swiss company with over 26 years in reasearch of environment freidnly cars. The Protoscar Lampo3 is product of years of real World testing. We hope it will made production soon – with bit updated design 🙂