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Toyoda to drive the first Tesla Roadster in Japan

Elon Musk delivered personally first Tesla Roadster 2.5 in Japan. And not, it wasn’t sold. It was a gift to Akio Toyoda, Toyota’s CEO.

Recently Mr Elon brought old Toyota’s Nummi factory in US. This facility is now redesigned and refitted with new machines that will build Model S. Amazing $60,000 electric sedan with 7 seats and ground-breaking Tesla technology. Also Tesla is working with Toyota on new RAV4 electric vehicles.  If we remember, more than 10 years ago Toyota made EV version of RAV4, but didn’t make a big success out of it. Now with Tesla and Elon, things are different.

Gift could be understood as Japan’s business tradition – giving between partners. Toyoda was ery thankful with gesture, liking colour and plate ‘520’, that was reminder of date on which contract between Tesla and Toyota was signed.

The most important part of any business is finding the right partners. And this look like a start of a great one. Small and innovative + big and productive. Tesla + Toyota. Tesyota?

Let us know you opinion, what will be the next project for this partnership?