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Electric Monster from UK garage

One man made his dream come true and show the big car companies how to build electric car.

Yes, developer Dale Vince, the director of wind power company Ecotricityand former hippy convoy driver, built a £100m fortune on wind power. Than he spent £350,000 of his own money on the ultimate boy’s toy.

Dale found four ex F1 engineers and employed them on this project. They purchased second-hand Lotus Exige with 20,000 miles on the clock. They ripped all out and install electric engine and batteries. Full electric. Of course, power comes from wind turbines. Took than 18 months to add all electronics (only 6 for engine and battery) and car was ready. Build quality is marvellous and they claim 250,000 miles without need for any major maintenance.

Facts? 180 miles on one charge. 0-100 in over 5.5 seconds. Car can reach 138 mph what is UK speed record for electric car. Next one is 260 mph World land speed record. And they are sure that won’t be a problem. We are looking forward to it. Enjoy.