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Venturi again! With 8 electric engines inside Volage supercar

Guys from Venturi are amazing! After delivering breath-taking Fetish, here is a jaw-dropping concept – venturi Volage. This supercar was introduced at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. AWD drive two-seater was the result of the collaboration between Venturi Automobiles and tire manufacturers Michelin. Both companies married their hi-tech technology to achieve amazing grip and performance.

The small, beautiful sculptured, aerodynamic carbon fibre body, is designed by amazing Sacha Lakic, same person we can ‘blame’ Fetish. Aluminium and composite material chassis contribute to light body, powered by Lithium-Polymer batteries. With an overall weight of just 1,075 kgs and an even distribution – 45% at the front and 55% at the rear – Volage have amazing balance and handling.

Benefiting from Michelin’s Active Wheel technology, the Venturi Volage concept uses two incorporated electric motors for each wheel, one for drive and one for suspension, resulting in a total of 8 electric motors. Suspension motors are fitted into wheel, and through central computer allowing Volage to easily handle any body roll. You will need this amazing handing to abuse Volage supercar with acceleration of 0-100 in less than 5 seconds.

Venturi Volage will be available in limited production in 2012, and same as Fetish, each car will be assembled by hand at the Venturi workshops in Monaco. We can’t wait to see Volage in action on our streets. Just amazing…