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Vizualtech Growler E – Jaguar-E-type Vision That Should Be Electric!

If there is one car that I wish they’ll make electric – and they should – is this – gorgeous Vizualtech Growler E. What is behind this sexy body? Jaguar XKR platform and inspiring looks of the most beautiful car ever build – Jaguar E type. Power-train? Don’t worry, there is a lot fo pucn from supercharged 5 liter V8 with 510 bhp. But that so 80-tis. We want two electric motors powering rear wheels. That’s how you go 0 – 100 in under 4 seconds in this century.
This is proven concept, make gorgeous retro car that will appeal to movies starts and silicon valley tycoons. And they are all very environment aware crowd that loves new tech and renewable energy. So we say Swedish Vizualtech guys should visit Tesla factory and start working on some bad-ass electric power for their concept. There is no doubt Vizualtech Growler E will sell – no matter the price is. You just can’t resist this curvy carbon-fiber lightened body. Just gorgeous. Just change switch engine.