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Volta – Toyota’s Stylish Hybrid Supercar has Arrived

Biggest car company of the Earth finally arrived to hybrid sport car market. Volta. Volta is amazing looking Japanese hybrid supercar. And certainly can deliver excitement with 0 -100 km/h in only 4 seconds.

Power will be delivered through 3,3 litre V6 engine and two electric engines. One on each axle, so car will achieve prefect balance in all wheel drive configuration. V6 engine won’t directly be connected to wheels, but rather will be used as distance extender. Bit of the help for when you get low on electric charge. hybrid system is almost the same configuration, already tested in Lexus RX 400.

Power will pick to maximum of 300 kW or 408 HP. Enough to propeller light-weight carbon-fiber chassis, proudly designed and engineered by the Italdesign Giugiaro. Famous Italian car design company is responsible for aerodynamic body and speed of over 250 km per hour. Compact and cosy sport car have innovative seating arrangement with 2 seat at the front and one small at the back.

Volta is not very creative name, considering we can currently witness GM’s Volt entering the market of electric cars. But let’s give a few more years to Toyota’s product management team to come up with new name. I am sure Toyota Volta won’t be in production for a few springs at least… Still great step forward. Now we anticipate what will come out from Toyot’a co-operation with Tesla. Looking forward to it…